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Our 8 year old daughter’s health has been an issue since the day she was born.  After her 4 birthday it took a turn for the worse.  The doctors called her autoimmune and wanted to notch up the steroids and antibiotics she was already on and hadn’t cured the problem.  We recognized just that, that we were treating the symptoms (her skin) and not the fixing the problem.  We started to go the naturopath route.  This is a long and difficult process because there are many ways to go.  Not that they are all wrong but most times you are missing some piece to the puzzle. We also did a lot of research ourselves to realize this.   After 3 long years of doing major amounts of expensive supplements and spending a fortune on doctor visits we were looking for a change.  Enter Dr. Ford.  She was an absolute breath of fresh air for us.  She was knowledgeable to our issues and sensitive to our monetary situation.  My daughter’s skin hasn’t looked this good in years, and she’s less sensitive to foods thanks to Dr. Ford and her program.  We would recommend this program to anyone, and hopefully you don’t have to learn the hard way such as we did.  Thank you Dr. Ford and God bless.      

Mark and Jennifer Wyandt 

Enjoying Outdoor

I used to think there was no hope for me.

All the many tests I have gone through have not been conclusive that there is anything wrong with me.

I clearly knew that this was not right.  

The medical doctors basically told me, “It’s an MS issue”

I have multiple sclerosis and was having gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, sleep disorder, always down (depressed) and fatigued.

She has helped me with all of these!

I am repeating the affirmations she suggested daily.

I have such a better outlook on life.

My demeanor has improved greatly.

Sheryl really knows what she is doing and cares so much.

I am eating better and made some changes to my diet (per her suggestions).

Ever since I have had the opportunity to meet with Sheryl she has made such a difference in my life.

I feel I have been truly blessed! 

Sue M.

When I came to see Sheryl Ford, I was at a dead end with my health and wellness and knew that I needed more help.  I'm experiencing positive results and am hopeful that it will continue in the same direction as it has been going. 


It was easy to communicate with Sheryl about all health concerns or questions I had.  I received answers that helped me understand my health issues.  Anyone would benefit by the services, supplements, and advice/counseling provided by Natural Health Design. 


The results are truly amazing~
#1-SLEEP-The melatonin you gave me is unlike any other I have tried. The 1st night I sleep deeper and for more hours than I have for years.
#2-ELIMINATION-The change is as dramatic as with my sleep.  The pressure and bulging disappered that 1st day and has felt normal ever since. No more pain. NO MORE PAIN!!! It's just almost unbelievable,
  How did that mud do all of this????

Thank you so much for your expertise and being here for people like me. 


White Bed

I started seeing Sheryl about a year and a half ago. I was frustrated in not getting answers for my health symptoms. I was on 7 prescriptions for various ailments. My most irritating symptom was my digestion. I felt bloated all the time and everything I ate made me feel terrible. After trying a few different things, such as changing my diet and supplements, I would feel better for a short period and then things seemed to get worse again. At this point, Sheryl had gone to a new training and thought it would be worth trying. I'm happy to say, after work on my part too, that I am getting better every day! I can eat all foods in moderation (no more bloating!), I have more energy, have lost weight, I'm in less pain, and my eyes are better! I have eliminated all but one of my prescriptions too!  People tell me I look great!

C. Weaver

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