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Sheryl Ford


Sheryl received her Bachelor's Degree in education from Bethel College, her Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from Clayton College of  Natural Health and her Master's Degree in  Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College.

She also passed the national boards for Clinical Nutrition Specialist (CNS), the highest level of nutrition.


 She is always working to further her knowledge in other areas, as well.


She has completed programs in Kinesiology, such as Quantum Reflex Analysis, Nutrition Response Testing,  and muscle- organ connection. All forms of Applied Kinesiology test the organs and glands using meridians, acupressure points, direct testing on the organs or glands and  using the nervous system and neurological reflex points.


 At Natural Health Design we use EPFX Biofeedback, which is a medical device that uses electromagnetic frequencies to re balance body systems, glands, organs, and hormones. 


Her journey continues as she learns from other professionals in the field because she is so passionate about what she does!


When the body is given what it needs, it really can heal itself!


At Natural Health Design, we focus on what the body needs to heal itself. It is usually a combination of changes in lifestyle, diet, stress, and nutritional support. Using a number of different modalities, we find the underlying imbalances that cause negative symptoms. There is a technique to find the priority of the body (using acupressure points), so the body chooses what one area it's ready to work on, often relieving stress on the other organs and glands, resulting in multiple symptom relief. Supporting the body in this way is effective for nearly all dis-eases.


The success rate is 90% or better!


We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


If you are ready to transform your health, call 651-263-7623.

 We'd love to talk with you!

Sheryl Ford ND MS CNS

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